Benefits of instant drug testing:

  • Immediate results sent directly to you by email, fax or phone call: for negative drug tests
  • Increased worker productivity:
  • Know Immediately if your new hire passed his/hers drug test: get your new hire to work faster
  • Reduced employment costs: decrease absenteeism, employees are less likely to use illegal drugs if  they are aware you may
    send them for an unannounced drug test
  • Reduce your overall drug testing program cost: lower "per test cost" because we have our own testing labs & Medical Review
                                       Instant drug testing services include:

  •  Rapid results - within 15-20 minutes (for negative results)
  •  All Non-negative results are laboratory verified at no additional cost within 2-3 working days
  •  Access to Online Services to view and reprint results (eScreen only)
  •  5 panel test
                           1)  Cocaine Metabolites
                           2)  Marijuana Metabolites
                           3)  Phycyclidine (PCP and "Angel Dust")
                           4)  Amphetamines, Methamphetamines ("Speed")
                           5)  Opiates (Codeine, Morphine, Heroin)

  • Proven laboratory accuracy  
  • FDA approved
                                                                                  eSCREEN INSTANT TESTING

    Benefits of eSCREEN Instant Drug Testing:

  • Paperless, electronic Chain of Custody; eScreen generates a paperless, electronic Chain of Custody eliminating forms management for Non-DOT accounts.
  • Automated Test Result Reporting ; test results are available via web at, eliminating the need for clinics to phone or fax the test result information to
  • Automation of  Instant Testing; eScreen is designed to work automatically with an instrumented eReader technology to provide an instant, 5-panel automated drug
    test for Non-DOT clients
    e-CUPS, used to collect the urine specimen in

    eScreen's patented 5-panel collection cup, designed with the donor and collector in mind.

    'smart' lid. The 'smart' lid contains reagent test strips, sensitive to the five-test SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) profile
    cutoff levels.It consists of a 'dumb' cup and a

    The eCup was developed with a built-in adulteration test and four channels in the cylinder of the 'smart' lid to transport urine from the cup to the test strips,
    without human intervention.

    Features of the eCup:
    :: Specimen is collected in the eCup, sealed and entered into the eScreen123 software.

    :: The eCup is inserted into the eReader and with one click of the mouse, the eReader is activated and completes the screening process without any further
    human involvement.

    :: Negative specimens are determined within 3-8 minutes and reported back to the employer electronically.

    :: Specimens requiring additional GC/MS testing are ready for shipping.
    e-Reader: Used to process Specimen
    eReader is the premier instrumented point-of-collection testing device for paperless, web-based

    The eScreen eReader is the only instrumented point-of-collection drug testing device on the
    market. Designed to activate the eCup, read the results of the test and transmit those results to
    the eScreen software suite, for test result reporting to the client.